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LEATHER EFFECT DECORATIVE TRAY We at RANJANAARTS are manufacturers of decorative tray's We make decorative LEATHER EFFECT decorative tray's ,these LEATHER EFFECT decorative tray's have very rich look and are available in many different colours , they are available in different shapes , sizes and we rich finish , are used for carrying suit piece , sarees , shirt paints , ornagments , u can make many different decorations in same we stock huge range in LEATHER EFFECT DECORATIVE TRAY , IN DIFFERENT COLOURS , SHAPES AND SIZES Both without flower decoration and with flower decoration please visit us at for same these LEATHER EFFECT DECORATIVE TRAY'S are used in indian weddings for aana dcoration , in indian shaddi , indian barat , for carrying wedding stuff , like saree packing , shirt paint packing tray , ornaments packing tray


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